Bespoke Wall Art

In today’s society brands and housing developments need to stand for something. They need to build an emotional connection by creating an environment that celebrates their personality and values.

Our tailored wall art is created to specifically suit your goals and connect with your audience. These meaningful and attractive visuals lift the space and creates an experience that unites teams and communities.

Our strength is that we never leave to chance how people feel when they come in contact with your brand or development. We carefully construct a well-presented vision of who you are, what you stand for and what you are trying to build.

There is overwhelming evidence that art in developments:

  • Creates personality – brightens mood and atmosphere
  • Starts conversations and promotes interaction
  • Transcends language and culture – bolstering social integration
  • Educates and inspires about the local area and its history
  • Demonstrates a level of care that incites feelings of pride, respect and responsibility

Take a look at our work with Housing Associations – personalising their developments and creating pride in their residents.

Click here for Hightown’s Pereguine House

See our work for a private development in Earls Court. The target audience were foreign nationals and young professionals. We created an urban environment that saw all the apartments sold in record time.

Click here for Princess Beatrice House